In one of the most stimulating, constructive and convivial AGM evenings in years, AAPA members unanimously re-elected John Keating to a record third term as president, as well as a slate of officers and a new committee for the coming year.

We met Dec. 11, once again enjoying the hospitality of member John Morris in his cozy and spacious apartment in the Marais.

In his presentation prior to the nomination of a new executive board, our dynamic president recalled that the AAPA had had an active, diversified and innovative year thanks to the diligence of many officers and committee members. Evidence of our increasing relevance to our members is our fast-expanding membership, which has grown by some 20% in the past two years, he said.

John encouraged all members old and new to come forward with suggestions for events and help organize them if possible.

Barbara Casassus, who had replaced Pierre Tran as treasurer on an interim basis, reported that having switched our accounts from Barclays to BRED in 2012, “we consolidated and optimized our financial situation…the result of increased membership and the fact that for the second year running we have not had to outlay funds for guests or events.

Barbara, a longtime member, was elected treasurer; Rory Mulholland and David Pearson were, respectively, elected and re-elected vice presidents; yours truly secretary-general and Eleanor Beardsley, syndic.

And a slate of those who had agreed to serve actively on a new committee was unanimously elected: Lisa Bryant, Mark John, Sara Llana Miller, Scott Sayare and Alexandra Szacka. Maria Vincenza Aloisi, who with John Morris helped organize the evening, was re-confirmed as our coordinator.

We welcomed as new members Alissa Johannsen Rubin and Scott Sayare of the New York Times; Marianne Barriaux of AFP and Stephen Shankland of CNET and Mitchell Moss, spokesman for the US Embassy and head of its press department. Our total membership, active and associate, has grown to 111 from 104 at the end of 2012 and 92 the year before.

My report also noted that in the past year we met and were received by top French officials, including the Prime Minister, who hosted us on two occasions at the Hotel Matignon. We also met with the Foreign, Finance, European Affairs, Industrial Renewal and Trade Ministers, as well as with Mediapart, the Public Investment Bank and the New York Times. We also had a privileged guided tour and meeting with the top people at the Chateau de Versailles. Reports on these and other past events have been posted by Maria Vincenza on our widely-used and much-praised web site <> that’s edited by David Pearson.

In the discussion period, members were told of potential events that are in the pipeline. The new committee will be working hard to nail down meetings with top figures in the economic, political and cultural areas, and expand on the range of our activities.

Mitchell Moss said that although a new US ambassador, our honorary co-president, had not yet been named, he will do his best to obtain a green light for helping us organize our traditional spring gala, which alternates between the British and American embassy residences. In 2014, it will be America’s turn to host our most popular event of the year.

-Axel Krause