Getting big multinational corporations like Google Inc to pay more to local internet providers for the bandwidth they use was just one of the topics when Culture and Communication Minister Fleur Pellerin met the AAPA on March 11.


Speaking off-the-record to around 20 AAPA members in the gilded Salon des Maréchaux of  her ministry near Palais Royal, Ms. Pellerin touched on a number of topics, including France’s position on excluding culture in the negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership between the European Union and the U.S., and ensuring that people who generate culture are rewarded properly for their work.


She also talked about the influence of the English language, the situation of casual workers in the entertainment industry, and the rise of the National Front party in France and its interventionist tendency in the cultural sphere.


– Barbara Casassus and David Pearson


(Link to an article by AAPA committee member Ben McPartland)