The men of Kiev City Ballet rehearse the original piece “Boys from Kiev” during a visit by the AAPA. Since our meeting several of the men have returned to Ukraine to join the fighting.

On June 9, Ivan and Katja Kozlov, Directors of the Kiev City Ballet, invited us to attend a rehearsal at the Chatelet Theatre’s Pavlova  studio. The company was performing in Paris when Russia invaded Ukraine…and found itself unable to go home. The AAPA was instrumental in helping the dancers obtain temporary residence at the Chatelet and living assistance. The company has been able to perform around Europe during the summer, with the proceeds  going to Ukrainian relief organizations.

1. Ivan and Katja on stools – Kiev City Ballet’s Ivan and Katja Kozlov spoe with AAPA members following a rehearsal in the Chatelet Theatre’s Pavlova studio. Ivan, a former Mariinsky Ballet principal dancer, founded the ballet company in 2012. Katja was a dancer with the company before assuming administrative duties.