A Field Guide for Global Reporting

“Whenever you see hundreds of thousands of sane people trying to get out of a place, and a little bunch of madmen struggling to get in, you know the latter are newspapermen.” It was this astute observation by iconic reporter H.R. Knickerbocker that Mort Rosenblum uses as a peg for his latest book: “Little Bunch Of Madmen,” designed as a field manual for global reporters and those who aspire to the trade. Drawing on his own experience as well as interviews with legendary journalists he has admired, Rosenblum, an AP special correspondent and long-time AAPA member, gives insights on how to find the story and overcome adversity (including editors) to bring it home safely. Reporters will prize the hard-won, practical advice in the book, such as details on how to pack, interview, and make connections. But beyond these basics, it helps all readers to cross cultural bridges and find the vital human context that underpins good reporting.

“This is the manual I wish I’d had back in the 1960s when I was dropped into the Congolese mayhem, clueless, sleepless, and scared witless,” Rosenblum says. “It’s also the primer I wish people back home could have had at hand to understand what they were reading and watching.”

“A rare blend of great storytelling and pure wisdom, Little Bunch of Madmen is the best thing yet written about the state of modern journalism by one of its few true living masters, and every reporter working today should go out and buy it and read it.”

-Jon Lee Anderson, staff writer, The New Yorker

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