[16 Feb 2018 | par AAPA France | ]
Benjamin Griveaux provides insider’s view of the Macron administration

Brexit, Germany, European parliamentary elections, the economy, Islam in France, and Corsican nationalism were among the many topics government spokesman and cabinet member Benjamin Griveaux discussed with the AAPA at a meeting on February 12.
Griveaux was spokesman for Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign and over lunch with 28 members of the Association, he recounted the foundation of Macron’s En marche! movement.
He said the president’s most salient characteristic is that “he never considers anything is acquis” – permanently acquired. “He’s not satisfied with the status quo. If you tell him that something …


[10 Feb 2018 | par AAPA France | ]
Macron is no revolutionary but has given France a much-need makeover, says telecom tycoon Xavier Niel

President Emmanuel Macron has not revolutionised France but he has given the country a much-needed image makeover, telecoms billionaire Xavier Niel told the AAPA during a meeting on January 24.
Niel met with the association at Station F, a huge start-up incubator housed in a former railway depot near the Seine river which Macron inaugurated a month after coming to power last year. Station F’s manager Roxanne Varza was also present.
Speaking on the day that Macron took to the stage in Davos declaring “France is back”, Niel said: “France has not …


[5 Feb 2018 | par AAPA France | ]
CGT union leader Martinez vows to keep up the fight against Macron reforms

Philippe Martinez, the leader of the hardline CGT union, conceded during his January 11 meeting with the AAPA that he had failed to prevent President Macron’s labour law reform.  But he vowed to continue fighting tooth and nail to prevent France becoming more like Britain – in his eyes a land of zero-hours contracts, diminishing workers’ rights, and official contempt for the unemployed.

Asked if he thought that Mr Macron was hoping to emulate Margaret Thatcher in her epic battle with Britain’s unions in the 1980s, Mr Martinez replied: “His aim …

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[19 Jan 2018 | par AAPA France | ]
Mediapart shows independent news is possible and even profitable, says Edwy Plenel

The investigative online newspaper Mediapart enters its 11th year with a growing paid readership, a healthy balance sheet, and its twin pillars of independence and diversity fully intact, co-founder and publishing editor Edwy Plenel told the AAPA on January 9.
When Mediapart was launched 10 years ago on March 16, 2008, virtually no-one – apart from the founders and the 25 staff- believed a paying online news service could survive. In those days, the received wisdom was that news on internet had to be free.
They were wrong. Mediapart’s net profit rose …


[17 Dec 2017 | par AAPA France | ]
Machines Aren’t Our Friends, Media Moguls Tell AAPA

In this new industrial age, machines are going after white collar jobs…brain power jobs. In the words of Hilary Clinton, “Machines are not our friends.” That thought was echoed by Fred Raillard & Farid Mokart at a breakfast gathering for the AAPA in the Paris headquarters of their media company FF Creative Community on December 12. “Regulations are the only thing that will save us,” Fred added, referring to the need to steady the pace of the rapidly changing tech environment.
As their comms director, Jalila Levesque, told us, Fred Raillard and Farid …