[7 Jun 2017 | par AAPA France | ]
Political Scientist Sees Bumpy Road Ahead for Macron

Dominique ReyniĂ©, CEO of the think tank Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol–liberal, progressive and European) and professor at Sciences Po, spent nearly two hours on June 2 sharing his thoughts with the AAPA on topics ranging from Emmanuel Macron’s election as president to the miscasting of GĂ©rard Collomb as interior minister.
Democracy has been plunged into a historic crisis by three major factors: globalization, demographics (aging society and immigration), and budgetary constraints, he told 14 AAPA members in Fondapol’s Parisian headquarters. In the case of France, the nation is losing its vitality, …


[5 Jun 2017 | par AAPA France | ]
AAPA Members Visit World’s Biggest Auction Space

The AAPA’s evening field trip on May 18 to Drouot, Paris’ historic and esteemed auction house, was an eye-opener to most of the group who had never experienced a high-powered auction in full swing.
Drouot opened in 1852 and is the world’s largest public auction space, with 18 auction halls where 110  affiliated auctioneers sell off objects to the highest bidders from premium art works to more humble possessions. Today, some 500,000 items a year pass through Drouot – art, furniture, wine and curios from past centuries as well as younger …


[24 Apr 2017 | par AAPA France | ]
French presidential elections unprecedented, researcher says

The run-up to France’s 2017 presidential elections is unlike any in the past, with an
electorate confused by waning confidence in politicians, worried about security and distressed by chronic unemployment, a respected political researcher told the AAPA on March 28.
It’s the first presidential election to be held under a state of emergency, Sciences Po professor Pascal Perrineau told a well-attended event at the Falstaff CafĂ© on Place de la Bastille. Not only are people preoccupied with economic issues and unemployment, but terrorism and immigration are also weighing on voters’ minds, he …


[13 Apr 2017 | par AAPA France | ]
French Elections Could Spring Some Surprises, Pollsters Say

France’s presidential election could spring some surprises even if the lineup for the second round currently seems fairly clear-cut today, a panel of polling experts told the AAPA on April 7.
Once they got into the voting booths, many voters confounded polling agencies in recent crucial votes in the U.S. and the U.K. by making choices that they hadn’t previously shared with canvassers, and there’s a possibility this last-minute effect could repeat itself in France on April 23 and May 7, they said.
Over 30 AAPA members and three senior pollsters — …


[23 Mar 2017 | par AAPA France | ]
The EU Couldn’t Survive Le Pen Presidency – INSEAD professor

“It would be almost impossible for the EU to survive if Marine Le Pen should win the up-coming French Presidential elections and withdraw France from it,”  INSEAD Political Science Professor Douglas Webber told 17 AAPA members on March 21.
“Europe can survive without the UK, but not without France. It would be a political earthquake,” he continued, referring to Le Pen’s vow to negotiate new EU membership terms if she wins the election and then put them to a referendum.
Prof. Webber spoke to us at an evening event at CafĂ© Falstaff …