PSA’s Car-Racing Boss Tavares Meets the AAPA

A dozen AAPA members now have a better grasp of CEO compensation, vehicle emissions standards, labor relations and how to pull a 200-year-old company from the brink of bankruptcy after meeting with Carlos Tavares, the fast-revving chief executive of Groupe PSA.
Speaking at a relaxed breakfast at PSA’s Paris headquarters, Mr. Tavares revealed that he had been motivated by other factors than money when he had accepted in 2014 to take the helm of a company that was nearly bankrupt and was being kept alive by transfusions of cash from shareholders …

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[28 Mar 2016 | par AAPA France | ]
Political Islam expert explores roots of jihad with AAPA

Five days before the March 22 attacks in Brussels, French political philosopher Olivier Roy told the AAPA that Islamic State is reaching its territorial limits and French jihadists are more a product of a generational revolt than a political struggle.
Roy, a professor at the European University Institute in Florence, spoke to 25 AAPA members during a lengthy Q&A session on March 17 at Bloomberg’s Paris headquarters.
Well known both in and outside of his native France, the expert in political Islam took issue with another school of analysis that argues that …


[19 Mar 2016 | par AAPA France | ]
Uber Lays Out its French Woes to the AAPA

14 stalwarts of the AAPA who met Uber France chief Thibaud Simphal on Feb. 24 came away with a better understanding of the controversy and legal battle being waged between the upstart digital economy car-riding company and entrenched French interests.
The timing of the meeting was perfect given the ongoing taxi wars in France and the government’s promise to help out the traditional cabbies. However, it was a little too perfect, as it was in the middle of M. Simphal’s trial for various charges relating to the now-scrapped UberPop service, which …


[2 Feb 2016 | par AAPA France | ]
AAPA Gets Inside Story on Immigration, Citizenship Issues

AAPA members now have a much deeper understanding of the controversial issues in France of immigration, citizenship and national identity after meeting on January 28 with Patrick Weil, historian and director of research at CNRS.
The informal gathering was kindly hosted by Secretary General Sara Llana in her apartment near Place de la République.
Weil is a true intellectual and has done a lot of thinking and writing on the social issues related to immigration and the debate over withdrawing French citizenship from dual nationals, and our lively and interesting discussion focused …


[17 Dec 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
AAPA Rounds off 2015 with a Convivial AGM

Close to 30 AAPA members converged on the Marais on Dec. 14 for another convivial Annual General Meeting.
This was the last to be presided over by President John Keating, who has served an unprecedented four-year stretch at the helm of the association.
He thanked all of those who have worked hard to bring in more members, exciting guests – we had a record 18 last year – and preserve the solid financial position that continues to allow the organization to subsidize special events like the annual gala and to …


[29 Nov 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
Climate Talks Must Be a Success, Nicolas Hulot Tells AAPA

There was no doubt in the mind of Nicolas Hulot that the COP21 conference on climate change would be a success.
Speaking to a group of AAPA members five days before over 140 heads of state and governments converged on Paris to attend the COP21 on Nov. 30, President Hollande’s special envoy for the protection of the planet said : « The only question is : will it be a half success, a full success or an absolute success. »
Regardless of whether the conference’s goals for limiting greenhouse gas emissions and …