ENA Head Aims To Reform Selection Process

Achieving greater social diversity among the high-powered students at the Ecole Nationale de l’Administration is one of the challenges facing the prestigious school for France’s elite managers and civil servants, AAPA members and their guests were told on Jan. 28 by ENA’s director, Nathalie Loiseau.
Mme Loiseau acknowledged that ENA’s recruiting process tends to reproduce privilege. “It is founded on recruiting the best, but sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we’re not recruiting the children and grandchildren of the best,” she acknowledged, as most of ENA’s student intake are children …

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[4 Feb 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
France Confirms Crackdown Policies on Terror Networks, Radicalisation

France is preparing tough, judicial measures to deal with terrorists, dangerous “jihadists” and those who justify “Jihad,” French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira told two dozen AAPA members over breakfast on January 27.
Speaking three weeks after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, Mme Taubira told us that the government won’t compromise in its efforts to clamp down on people who justify terrorist acts via Internet  or in public speech. She also outlined the government’s plans to prevent radical prisoners from preaching extreme ideas to more vulnerable inmates, and announced plans to …


[22 Jan 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
CNIL Chief Briefs AAPA On Digital Europe, Privacy and Security

How best to defend individual freedom, privacy and “the right to be forgotten” in a context of increased focus on public security and the fight against terrorism were the core topics when more than 20 AAPA members met on Jan. 21 with Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, President of France’s Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).
Speaking at the CNIL’s Parisian headquarters, Mme Falque-Pierrotin spoke about how Europe’s digital freedom authorities are grappling with major Internet providers such as Google Inc, and on-going efforts to harmonise Europe’s response to questions of individual …


[21 Dec 2014 | par AAPA France | ]
AAPA’s AGM Sets a Road Map for the Future

Making the AAPA more socially relevant to its members was the main theme of our 2014 Annual General Meeting, held on Dec. 17 once again chez John Morris, our doyen member.
Opening the meeting, President John Keating reported to some 30 participants that the AAPA had had another successful year, noting that membership had expanded, we remain in robust financial shape, and our activities are on the rise. A main task that faces the future committee over the coming year will be to foster social contacts among the members, he said.
Treasurer …


[23 Nov 2014 | par AAPA France | ]
French Finance Minister Urges UK to Stay in EU


Britain and the European Union as a whole would lose out if the U.K. were to opt to leave the EU, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin has warned.
“If the UK forfeits its place in the EU, then Europe would be weakened and the UK would also be worse off. It has to stay in,” he told over 20 AAPA members over breakfast at the Finance Ministry on Nov. 20.
“But the British will be British, just like the French will be French”, Mr. Sapin said. He noted that France will benefit …


[1 Oct 2014 | par AAPA France | ]
France’s top rabbi alarmed by anti-Semitic attacks


After a summer heated by protests over the Israeli offensive in Gaza and the growing clout of militant Islam, France’s chief rabbi is raising the alarm over rising anti-Semitism in the country – and the public silence that is greeting it.
“What has stuck us is the sense of indifference on the part of society,” Grand Rabbi Haim Korsia told AAPA members on Sept. 16 in wide-ranging remarks which also touched on Jewish education in France, controversy over religious divorce and women’s rights within the Jewish faith.
Two decades ago, more than a million …