AAPA Gets Inside Story on Immigration, Citizenship Issues

AAPA members now have a much deeper understanding of the controversial issues in France of immigration, citizenship and national identity after meeting on January 28 with Patrick Weil, historian and director of research at CNRS.
The informal gathering was kindly hosted by Secretary General Sara Llana in her apartment near Place de la République.
Weil is a true intellectual and has done a lot of thinking and writing on the social issues related to immigration and the debate over withdrawing French citizenship from dual nationals, and our lively and interesting discussion focused …

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[17 Dec 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
AAPA Rounds off 2015 with a Convivial AGM

Close to 30 AAPA members converged on the Marais on Dec. 14 for another convivial Annual General Meeting.
This was the last to be presided over by President John Keating, who has served an unprecedented four-year stretch at the helm of the association.
He thanked all of those who have worked hard to bring in more members, exciting guests – we had a record 18 last year – and preserve the solid financial position that continues to allow the organization to subsidize special events like the annual gala and to …


[29 Nov 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
Climate Talks Must Be a Success, Nicolas Hulot Tells AAPA

There was no doubt in the mind of Nicolas Hulot that the COP21 conference on climate change would be a success.
Speaking to a group of AAPA members five days before over 140 heads of state and governments converged on Paris to attend the COP21 on Nov. 30, President Hollande’s special envoy for the protection of the planet said : « The only question is : will it be a half success, a full success or an absolute success. »
Regardless of whether the conference’s goals for limiting greenhouse gas emissions and …


[13 Nov 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
Journalists Have a Future, Publicis CEO Tells AAPA

“There is such a profusion of information out there today, such a big news flow, that we need to be served by professionals,” Publicis Groupe Chairman and CEO Maurice Levy told two dozen AAPA members on Nov. 6.
“In the last decade there has been a profusion of blogs and communications from ‘citizens,’ all co-producing news. This trend is now being reversed. The tide has turned. There have been too many cases where the information has been incorrect,” he said.
M. Levy was speaking to us at a breakfast meeting on …


[5 Nov 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
AAPA Gears Up for COP21 Climate Change Conference

AAPA members now know the who, what, where, when and why of the upcoming COP21 conference on climate change thanks to a briefing on Nov. 3 from Celine Ramstein, the COP21 project manager for the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations.
Over 90 minutes, Ramstein, whose institute is working closely with the French government to prepare for the negotiations, enlightened us on what’s at stake, why this meeting is different from the ones that have preceded it, where the major fault lines are, and what the outcome means for France.
The …


[1 Nov 2015 | par AAPA France | ]
AAPA Gets the Story behind France’s Unique Unicorn

France has become a much more fertile ground for creating start-up companies, the youthful and dynamic head of French ride-sharing company BlaBlaCar told a group of 15 AAPA members on Oct. 9.
Speaking to us at a lively breakfast meeting at the BlaBla Bistro in his company’s Paris HQ, Frédéric Mazzella, explained how he got the idea for his company in 2003 when he noticed how few cars travelling inter-city had no occupants apart from the driver. From that seed has grown France’s only “unicorn”, defined as a company whose valuation …