Dear Association Member,

Our Annual General Meeting at John Morris’ home on Nov. 24 was a convivial and productive evening. We discussed a number of topics including: our healthy finances, a recap of the many varied guests we received and events which were organized during the past year, our membership tally, and our ever-evolving website. And, of course, we voted for our officers who will serve in the coming year.

I was asked to serve as president for another year, was nominated and elected.
Below is the list of other officers who were unanimously elected:

Co-Vice Presidents: Anne-Elisabeth Moutet and John Keating
Treasurer: John Davidson
Secretary General: Axel Krause
Syndic: David Pearson

Committee: Eleanor Beardsley, Celestine Bohlen, Bill Diem, Gerry Dryansky, Steve Erlanger, Rony Koven, Ann Morrison, Vaiju Naravane

I am very excited about working with our new committee of seasoned journalists, most of whom have lived in Paris for many years. It is thanks to the creativity and hard work of our members and committee of 2010 that we had such a successful year and I know that 2011 will be equally dynamic.

Our new website has been one of the most important developments this year. It is a colorful and informative showcase for our events, accessible to members and non-members alike. It also serves as a billboard for our members’ awards and most recent publications. It is especially useful for showing potential guests or new members what we do, and is an easy way for our members to get a brief summary of an event they may have missed.

AAPA treasurer John Davidson gave a detailed report about our healthy financial situation. His report is also attached. We continue to rely on member dues to pay for our fixed costs and are grateful for your continuing dedication and support.

It is an honor to serve as president of a group of such talented and energetic journalists. I thank you for that privilege and I am confident that 2011 we be another excellent year for our Association.

SG’s report

Treasurer’s report