Plans for an English edition of Le Monde, combating fake news, and how the leading French daily is – finally – doing rather nicely in a changed and ever-changing media landscape: these and many other topics were covered when Le Monde editor Jérôme Fenoglio hosted the AAPA.
The event was held on March 27 at the newspaper’s premises in the 13th arrondissement, where the imposing building’s grand entrance hall has been shut for security reasons since the attack on Charlie Hebdo in early 2015 (access is by side doors).
Mr Fenoglio leads a team of 450 journalists who together produce one of the world’s great daily newspapers. He joined the paper in 1991, and worked in a variety of positions there before being appointed editor in 2015.
He was also questioned by AAPA members on  media ownership and state subsidies to the press, the prospects for “legacy” newspapers in a digital world, and his take on the brave new world that Macron is bent on building in France.