Our second AAPA happy hour on February 6 was as big of a success as the first, with over 25 members gathering in the vaulted basement of the Cordonnerie, a bar in the 2nd. True, the space was a bit musky, and the ceiling a tad low, but all-in-all it was a great time and the beer certainly was cheap.

We’ll probably try out a few more locales before settling in on a permanent home. If anyone has a personal favorite place suitable for more than 20 journalists and their friends to meet of an evening, please tell Social Affairs Officers Sara Miller Llana or Scott Sayare.

We want to make this a regular event to allow AAPA members and their acquaintances to get together in the evening to meet old friends and make new ones, to swap stories and tips and to feel part of a fun group. A la prochaine!

The Social Affairs Team