On January 12, the AAPA met with Doctolib founder Stanislas Niox-Chateau at the company headquarters in Levallois. Since founding Doctolib in 2013 at the age of 26, Mr Niox-Chateau has grown the company to 2800 employees that serves upwards of 80 million people in France, Germany and Italy. It is now the number one French unicorn company and has truly revolutionized French healthcare.


Mr Niox-Chateau shared with us the latest news about Doctolib as the company celebrates 10 years on the market. First, he specified that the goals of Doctolib have always been two-fold: to provide new tech to improve the daily life at work for healthcare professionals, and to improve healthcare for patients. As part of its improvements, Doctolib has created tools for doctors to manage communication with patients as well as store and share medical documents and information. Patients will soon be able to access their care plans via their account and manage preventative care.


Doctolib is also bolstering its use of artificial intelligence to create a medical assistant who can take notes during medical visits. Mr Niox-Chateau says all these tools will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and allow more interaction with patients.


Doctolib was a key player during the Covid-19 pandemic, and now counts 1/3 of healthcare practitioners and public hospitals. Now, it’s looking at building up its network internationally, with sights set on the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. So far, working with the United States is still a pipe dream, but given the success of Doctolib in Europe coupled with Mr Niox-Chateau’s natural enthusiasm, we have the impression that anything is possible.

-Colette Davidson