Day: March 15, 2010

J-D Levitte, off the record again

Nearly 30 members of the AAPA met Feb. 11 with Jean-David Levitte, conseilleur diplomatique to President Sarkozy, in a sumptuous room near the Elysée. The meeting was off the record, in the American style. We have met with him five times.

Renault's P. Pelata talks to AAPA

Renault COO Patrick Pelata Renault's Chief Operating Officer Patrick Pelata spilled a few beans and created news when he met with the AAPA over breakfast on Dec. 17 at the auto maker's headquarters. Pelata disclosed that Renault is talking to other companies including Germany's Daimler AG and some in China about possible collaboration in making key car components.. He explained how Renault is…